How to Look Good in Business Headshots

Achieving a polished look in business headshots is crucial for making a professional impression. When working with photographers like Denver Headshot Co., consider these tips. First, wear appropriate attire that aligns with your industry and personal brand. Pay attention to grooming, ensuring your hair, makeup, and facial hair are well-maintained. Practice good posture and relax your shoulders to appear confident and approachable. Communication with your photographer is key; express your preferences and concerns to ensure the final result meets your expectations. Lastly, stay relaxed during the shoot to capture a genuine and confident expression. With attention to these details, you can ensure your business headshots convey a polished and professional image.

Taking corporate photos can be intimidating, but with the right preparation, you can look your best in the photos. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your business headshot. The first step is to get familiar with taking a photo. Generally, it's best to have your body slightly angled towards the light, which is known as “short lighting”.

Ask the photographer to take photos from both angles so you have options. However, some corporate directories and marketing managers may have specific guidelines for how everyone should look, so this may not be an option. When taking the photo, avoid using the zoom function as it will produce a lower resolution image. Instead, use the portrait setting if your phone has it, or if not, have the photographer come closer to you.

When you touch the screen, the focus will remain fixed on your face. You can always crop the photo more precisely while editing it (see below for best practices for cropping the face photo).

Choose a background

that doesn't have any trees, traffic signs, or lamp posts sticking out of your head. Make sure there are no cars or other people in the photo either.

The ideal backdrops are solid colored concrete walls or a clear blue sky. Simple textures can also make good backgrounds.


is an important factor when taking a business headshot. Office lighting isn't ideal for portraits because most fluorescent bulbs create a green tone and shadows that aren't flattering. Most offices are too dark, resulting in blurry images without a flash.

You should avoid using the flash as it causes eye redness and can wash out your face. By following these tips, you'll be well prepared for your business headshot and look your best in the photos!.

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