How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Your Photography Business

As a photography business owner, you may be wondering why you need to focus on email marketing. However, since 61% of people say it's the preferred way for companies to contact them, it's very important to their success. Any email you send should offer valuable content to your subscribers. This means that it is vital to know them and to determine what types of topics may be most attractive.

Open rates, which reflect the percentage of people who open your emails, increase by 29% when content is personalized to the needs of subscribers. Your welcome email should be at the beginning of a series of emails that you send to subscribers after they subscribe. This is definitely a task you'll want to automate. As a small business owner just starting out with email marketing, with 101 other things to do, you don't want the number 102 to monitor email subscriptions and send emails manually every time someone new subscribes.

Service providers, such as photographers, have an average inbox placement rate of 89%. This means that more than 10% of your emails don't reach your subscribers. To reduce this percentage, make sure that your emails have 80% text and 20% images, and include an unsubscribe button visible in every email. Email marketing is a very valuable tool for photographers because they can use it to promote their work.

This method of communication works because it gives you the ability to work with clients in the long term. Email marketing is essential for attracting subscribers and building and maintaining a relationship with potential customers for your photography business. This is especially effective if you choose small businesses that offer something complementary to your photography services, such as posting as a guest on wedding vendor sites if you're a wedding photographer. This may surprise you, but a solid email marketing plan combined with a professional photography website can do more for your business than increasing your social media audience to thousands of followers.

Lynda Campuzano
Lynda Campuzano

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